Unisex - cool men's styles for girl

At Munk Store, we have a call. Men and women can easily wear the same clothes. Girls can at least without hesitation jump in some of the garments that in the dawn of time were intended for men.

Whether it's a polo, a pair of sneakers or a t-shirt from H2O is completely subordinate. Your style will be significantly improved if you as a girl incorporate some more masculine styles in your wardrobe.

While this may sound like a marketing stunt, it's not the way it is. We believe with our hands on heart that it creates a more personal, interesting and usable style if you do not think about whether the product is made for men or women.

Just think of the whole Boyfriend Jeans wave. It became insanely popular in no time, and the store shelves were almost ripped. It is a clear example that fashion has no gender. And both shoe , t-shirts , sweatshirts follows - there is no way around it.

Jump into the category Unisex (under 'women' in the menu) and find the unisex product that suits you best. It will be constantly updated with more exciting news so you just have to keep an eye out. We know you will not miss it.

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