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Christmas is over, New Year is over, and a new year has begun. Diets, jogging and smoking cessation are some of the first things that come to mind when you think of January. But the first month of the year is much different than that.

January is a holiday in itself. This is the month when you can cheaply renew your wardrobe. January is a big sale month, and so is it here at Munk Store.

Whether you are looking for a pair of new jeans, a pair of new sneakers or a sweater that can keep you warm during the winter months, we have for sure what you are looking for. Our sales section is packed with delicious styles from, among others, Wood Bird, Cheap Monday, Libertine-Libertine and Wood Wood. It's just going on board.

We have put together 5 styles that you should throw in the shopping cart right away.

Wood Bird - Matti Ocean

Wood Bird is known for its overly comfortable and delicious twill pants . But that is not the only thing that the Danish upcoming brand can do. They also make absolutely ingenious jeans, and Matti Ocean is a clear example of that.

Matti Ocean has a perfect fit and appears in a delicious, dark blue color. This style has wear details both front and back, which makes it different from ordinary jeans. And then it is a perfect alternative to the black jeans that prevail in today's fashion image.

Wood Bird Matti Ocean is available here to 300, -. You save 50 percent.

Born // Raised - Bent Velcro Pref Shoes

Born // Raised is a Danish brand that makes shoes, sneakers and boots of the best quality. Bent Velcro Pref Shoes is definitely an example of this.

You may not have thought you were going to wear velcro shoes again, but you might think so. Born // Raised Bent Velcro Pref Shoes is an ingenious example of a stylish shoe with velcro. Velcro is the lace of the lazy, so you can quickly jump in these shoes from Born // Raised.

Bent Velcro Pref Shoes are white and have fine details across the board. They have small holes in everything in the leather, which both looks good and makes your foot breathe. It has a high, white bottom and three velcro closures.

Born // Raised Bent Velcro Pref Shoes are available here to 400, -. You save 50 percent.

Cheap Monday - Actual Poplin

A white shirt is the same for a man as Robin is for Batman. They can not do without each other.

Cheap Monday Actual Poplin is a classic white shirt. Still, it has some details that make it not resemble other white shirts.

Actual Poplin has a smaller collar, which makes it fit perfectly inside a sweatshirt. In addition, the buttons are not visible and the shirt is a little longer at the back than at the front. All the details that make it definitely worth a purchase.

Cheap Monday Actual Poplin can be purchased to 237.5, -. You save 50 percent.

Wood Wood - Mark

Wood Wood is known for its both classic and sporty styles. This polo is certainly no exception.

This polo is long-sleeved and navy-blue. It immediately sounds like a pretty ordinary polo, but it is not. On the western upper arm, it is a white stripe, which gives a sporty twist. And then it makes it stand out among the infinitely many polos that are on the market today.

Wood Wood Mark is available here to 600, -. You save 50 percent.

Libertine-Libertine - Hunter 812

Libertine-Libertine does what no one else dares. They are not afraid to use colors and patterns. And it's really a very fresh breath.

Libertine-Libertine's shirt Hunter 812 is not like any other shirt. It is patterned. It has a black and gray pattern, which makes it a bit atypical. If you need some variety in an otherwise black wardrobe, then Libertine-Libertines Hunter 812 is a really good offer.

Libertine-Libertine Hunter 812 is available here to 500, -. You save 50 percent.

If there were not any of the five styles above that fit into your wardrobe, you can board our large sale .

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