Stine Goya Harmony top

Top // Stine Goya
photo @ stinegoyastudio
In the picture you see the former ballet dancer and current musician, Nanna Øland, also known as Oh Land. In addition to being a successful musician, she has also been used several times as a face for Stine Goya, where her experimental style fits well with Stine Goya's universe of beautiful colors and prints. In the picture, she has the black Harmony top from the brand's latest SS15 collection. The Harmony top is like several of the other models from Stine Goya, also seen in several other collections, which means that you often know the fit, but see the model with new qualities, colors and prints that fit the current collection. In addition to the SS and AW collections, Stine Goya also has an intermediate collection such as the Pre-fall 15 collection, which you can also find at via the link at the top.

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