Stan Smith: Do you know the story?

The adidas model Stan Smith is a sneaker model with his roots firmly located in the tennis world. In fact, it can pull threads back over 50 years, where the first sods for the world's first tennis shoe in leather were taken. Let's go back in time so you can get to know Stan Smith better.

The Stan Smith model first saw the light of day in 1964, but it does not look like the shoe you know today. It is in leather, as it is today. But it did not have a logo, it did not have green markings, and then it was named after a completely different one. Namely Robert Haillet.

Robert Haillet was a professional tennis player, but when he stepped down as a tennis star, Adidas was looking for a new one that could market the groundbreaking shoe. Donald Dell, an American tennis manager, suggested Stan Smith, who like Robert Haillet was a well-known tennis player.

In 1971, Adidas 'Robert Haillet' changed its name to 'Stan Smith', which at the time was the best tennis player in the world. But it would be several years before Adidas completely removed the 'Haillet' from the shoe. From 1973 to 1978, the shoe was produced with Stan Smith's portrait on the tongue of the shoe, but with the word 'Haillet' written over it. In 1978, the shoe was officially christened 'Adidas Stan Smith'. And it turned out to be a good idea. The renaming made the United States open its eyes to the classic white tennis shoe. By 1988, the shoe had sold 22 million pairs and by 1994, the shoe had sold 23.7 million pairs. Today, the same number is significantly greater than 40 million. Thus, the Adidas Stan Smith is the best-selling sneaker in the world. But there is also a good reason for that.

Today, there are many reinterpretations of the classic tennis shoe, such as the new Adidas Court Vantage. Today, however, it is not used as a tennis shoe, but rather as one everyday sneaker . And it is used by boats men and women. Adidas Stan Smith is probably also the best unisex sneaker ever made.

Stan Smith was active on the tennis court between the late 1960s and early 1980s. Buy a pair of the many Stan Smith shoes and follow in his footsteps.

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