Soulland meets Charlie Roberts

Soulland has teamed up with artist Charlie Roberts. And he's an exciting one of a kind. Together they have created a collection that differs from what is typically seen in the Danish fashion scene. The collection consists of t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, sweatshirts , shirts and socks. All products are spiced with eye-catching prints that unite both Charlie Roberts and Soulland's style in the very best way.
Now Charlie Roberts has teamed up with the Danish menswear darling, Soulland. Charlie Roberts has painted a huge canvas for the Danish brand. He has previously stated that it is the largest he has ever worked on. And he says it's both fun and scary. Charlie Roberts worked for a long time on the great work.

Charlie Roberts grew up in Kansas, USA, educated in Canada and now lives in Norway. The traveled artist mixes cubism and comics when he goes to the canvas. And his talent ranges widely - everything from watercolors, oil paints and carvings in wood masters the American-born artist. That makes it hard to know what to expect from Charlie Roberts.

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