Run DMC loves Adidas - and vice versa

In 1986, Run DMC released their single "My Adidas", and although it most of all sounds like a fancy hashtag on Instagram in the style of #mycalvins, here's something about the talk. Run DMC was practically at that time Adidas - and that was in favor of the well-known brand.

Run DMC had a clear image. And Adidas was a solid part of this image. Members always trooped up in tracksuits with the classic trefoil on. Adidas' sneaker model Superstar also has fixtures in their wardrobes. They wore them without laces. Forever and always.

So the popular Hip Hop group loved Adidas. But as mentioned earlier, Adidas also loved the Run DMC. They bear a great responsibility for the fact that Adidas had a huge success at the time - and still has.

When Run DMC's single "My Adidas" was at its peak, their fans jumped out of their Adidas Superstars and stuck them up in the air. The shoes thus became not just a picture of the group, but also of their fans.

Today, the Adidas Superstar still holds, and in 2015 has returned to the fashion scene in full force, in many different colors and versions. They are classic, iconic and terribly useful. So it is no wonder that they have lived so long.

See our selection of Adidas Superstar here.

Hear Run DMC's hit 'My Adidas' from 1986 in the video below - Old School rap at its best.

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