Retro sports: Dress like the sports legends

Today, it has become extremely popular to dress in sportswear that your father could also have worn when he was young. But now you are free to find it in recycling. For here at Munk Store we have gathered a wide selection of retro styles from sports brands, which can easily be included in both your everyday wardrobe and your party wardrobe.

The clothes are casual, with classic cuts and a casual figure, which makes the clothes unisex. There is therefore good reason to jump into the clothing that sports star wore in the last century.

Fila is an Italian clothing brand, which was created in Italy back in 1911. The brand's expression is distinctly retro and casual, and their clothes radiate far away from the good, Italian quality. FILA's polos in particular have been used extensively in the sports world - by Bjørn Borg, among others. With us you will find FILA polos, FILA socks, FILA turtlenecks and turtlenecks. And then you will find the popular FILA Disruptor II.


Lacoste is a legendary sports brand, which is especially characterized by the little crocodile as a logo. Lacoste started up in 1933 because it was believed that the tennis clothes of the time were clumsy, annoying and hot to wear. That is why the products from Lacoste are extremely comfortable, and so the brand has prioritized comfort. Lacoste is known for their stylish, elegant and sporty expression, which has made the brand world famous. With us you will find, among other things, Lacoste polos and Lacoste sweatshirts, as well as shirts.

H2O is the Danish darling when it comes to sportswear. It has been a long time since H2O had its heyday, but it must be said that they have managed to recapture the Danish fashion world. In the past, they were especially known for their water sports equipment and their beach sandals, but today they have stormed forward with a fashion line. In this collection you will find, among other things, the popular one H2O 'Anders' t-shirt, which is a classic t-shirt with an eye-catching logo. In addition to the H2O 'Anders' t-shirt, you will find sweatshirts, other t-shirts, polos and socks from H2O.


When we talk about sports and retro styles, it is of course also impossible to get around Adidas . The brand is one of the leading brands in sportswear, while they have a long history and an archive that counts lots of styles that hold 100% today, in their updated versions. This applies to t-shirts, sweatshirts and track tops.

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