Red Wing

What is it that can not be worn to death and only gets nicer as you get older? A Red Wing boot. Of course. The American brand Red Wing is not just any company. No, it is a company that is older than the vast majority of living people. And then they produce footwear , who can live an entire human life. If not anymore.

The Red Wing shoe was first produced in 1905 in the town of Red Wing, Minnesota. There is not much ingenuity to be found in the name, but that is only good. For the ingenuity has been used elsewhere. It has been used to come up with a wide selection of solid footwear, which has pampered countless men's feet for over 100 years.

The company behind Red Wing has gone from generation to generation four times. They produce about 5,000 pairs of shoes a day, 24,000 pairs a week 1.2 million pairs a year. And there is a good reason why they still have so much wind in their sails to this day.
The Red Wing boot is based on one thing. Good, solid craftsmanship. It is simply what has made this particular brand a huge success. Although technology has taken over the production of many of the products we can buy today, it has not done much in the production of Red Wing boots.
According to Red Wing, machines cannot do what humans can. People can judge the color of the leather and see flaws. People have a critical eye. And that's something machines will never be able to do. At least not now. The vast majority of Red Wing's boots are sewn with human hands and sewing machines as tools. For the nuanced procedure can not be translated into a machine. Only employees like Shirley Sommerfield can do that. Because she has worked for the company for 40 years.
In the past, Red Wing boots were mostly aimed at railroad workers and soldiers. But this is far from the case. The boots have been used widely and have almost been given an iconic status. For who does not like quality at its best?
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Watch the video 'The leather will teach you' and get an insight into the brand's great focus on quality.

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