Nike SB is invading the streets of Copenhagen

We know you know Nike . But we are not quite sure you know the Nike SB - at least not well enough. Nike SB , also known as Nike Skateboarding, is a sub-brand of Nike that focuses exclusively on making products that can be used in the skate universe. They saw the light of day for the first time in 2002, and they have since had smoky success.

A wide range of sneakers , clothes and other equipment you can use when you go out and beat the asphalt. These are the hallmarks of the Nike SB, but they are much more than that. The Nike SB is a culture - and not just a brand. A culture that is a really important part of the energetic brand. The Nike SB does a lot to show just this side of itself. This video is a brilliant example of that.

In the video, we see four well-known skate heads, Kevin Bradley, Karsten Kleppan, Brian Anderson and Eric Koston. They have taken a trip to the Danish capital to explore the city's skate spots.

The four visit well-known places in Copenhagen on their boards. Among other things, they are in Nørrebro and in Kødbyen.

They are all dressed in Nike SB. In particular, the Nike SB sneakers get the camera's attention, but the four happily show parts of their skills in the streets of Copenhagen. The video becomes a clear picture of the culture behind the Nike SB brand.

Skip over Nike SB , if you have an inner skater in you. There will no doubt be something that suits you.

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