Nike Huarache: Do you know the story?

Nike Huarache is storming forward in the Danish fashion scene. New versions of the classic sneaker model are constantly appearing. But do you really know the story behind the popular sneaker?
The Nike Huarache is one of the favorite sneakers of our time. You can see the shoe everywhere - in the street scene, on blogs, on Instagram and guaranteed also in your own wardrobe. But the well-known sneaker model is actually a lot older than you might think - Nike Huarache is 25 years old.

Nike started up in 1972 and has since been among the elite when it comes to sneakers. In 1991, the Huarache model joined the family of Nike sneakers. At the time, it was introduced as the Nike Air Huarache - a model that we still know to this day. Discretion was designed as one runningshoes , but it will not be long before new relatives join the Nike Huarache family.

In 1992, the Nike Air Flight Huarache was introduced. It came on the market as a basketball shoe, but it did not take long, for the Nike Huarache became known and extremely popular off the basketball court. To this day, the Nike Air Flight Huarache is still known as one of the most comfortable basketball shoes.

Nike Huarache has been around for a number of years, but if you look at the name of the shoe, you can pull threads much further back. 'Huarache' is actually a South American phenomenon. In fact, the word Huarache covers a flat sandal with braided leather, which was used by the Mexican Indians. In addition, another sandal also bears the name 'Huarache'. A sandal that is intended for running in. It is thus easy to see from where Nike has taken inspiration for the name.

The Nike Huarache has evolved a lot over time. The Nike Air Huarache and Nike Air Flight Huarache have gained many more namesakes. This must be because the Huarache model came at just the right time. At that time, among other things, they lacked a proper shoe to run in.

However, the function of the shoe has changed since its birth. Today, the shoe is used everywhere in the street scene, and it comes in a myriad of variants. At Munk Store we also have a myriad of Nike Huarache - they are available in many different colors, variants and sizes. Click on the page and find your favorite Huarache.

Nike Huarache

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