LONG Clothing mixtape by Ticklish

Here we have chosen one of LONG Clothing's monthly mixtapes, made by Ticklish. LONG's mixtape series is far from offering mainstream music. The music in the mixtape series is most often made to set off a wild party, which is connected to the successful parties the brand organizes in cities such as London, New York and Tokyo. This is what LONG wrote about Ticklish and the mixtape:

Who is Ticklish? The production level in his tunes might be an indicator to some experience and this young artist ?s fun approach to Footwork might result from the fact that he is relatively new to the genre.
All we can say is that the Berlin based multi-instrumentalist is eager to try something new in music not forgetting a certain nostalgia about the widespread sounds he grew up with.With support for his original tunes and edits from Om Unit, Addison Groove, Slick Shoota and Scratcha DVA we might hear a lot more from Ticklish over the next few months.

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