Klitmøller Collective & Munk Store in new collab

We at Munk Store are teaming up in a new collab with the clothing brand Klitmøller Collective , where black is banned. It happens on April 8, and while you wait, you can see and read more about the collection here. Munk Store goes back to the roots. We have joined forces with Klitmøller Collective in a new collaboration, where nature and surroundings in Thy have been used as inspiration. And with back to the roots, we of course believe that we have a store in Thisted, just as two owners of Munk Store both come from Thisted.

In the new collection, which will be released on April 8, you can find 5 different styles - and each style is available in navy or khaki. The collection counts both shirts , t-shirts , long-sleeved polo shirts and sweatshirts. But you have to be quick to get hold of the delicious products, because only 45 copies of each style are made.

We have chosen to make a collection together with Klitmøller Collective, because we both focus on the timeless, functional and elegant design. The inspiration comes from the hometown, Thy. The colors in the sand and the water in Klitmøller in particular are the focal point for the look in the 5 styles.

Although we know that black, white and gray are really popular in the fashion scene at the moment, we have chosen to go other ways. We have chosen to make a collection that turns our backs on fashion and reflects what we are fascinated by. Namely the harsh but also beautiful surroundings of Thy. It is the inspiration for the timeless and stylish products that the collection contains. And as Klitmøller Collective has also made its hallmark.

The new collection will be launched both online and in the two Munk Store stores in Thisted and Holstebro - both will take place on 8 April. In addition, the collection will also be put up for sale in Klitmøllet Collective's store in the wind-blown Klitmøller. The launch will take place with an event in Thisted on Friday 8 April, where Klitmøller Collective will make its way past. With them, they (of course) have Thy water and Cold Hawaii beer, so there is a guarantee that the new collection will be put to the world in the best way. At Munk Store, we are really excited about the new collection, and we hope that you will also welcome it with open arms.

* Can be purchased from April 8

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