Do you know Stefan Janoski?

You probably know sneaker models like 'Stefan Janoski', 'Zoom Stefan Janoski', 'Stefan Janoski Max L', 'Stefan Janoski Max Mid', 'Lunar Stefan Janoski' and 'Stefan Janoski Max'. But who is it that really names these popular sneaker models?

Stefan Janoski is a professional American skateboarder - born July 18, 1979. He is from Vacaville, California. Janoski is of course known for his collaboration with Nike SB, but fortunately also for much else. He is known as a professional skateboarder, artist, writer and musician. Stefan Janoski started skating in 1992. The skating opportunities were not many in his hometown of Vacaville, and when he started skating in 1992, there were at most 12 people sharing his hobby. And at his school, there were only quite a few who skated in their spare time.

Usually he skated with some peers and some pieces who were between 40 and 50 years older than himself. Or he skated for himself. Nike SB started up in 2002. The brand struggled to break through in the skate world, and they tried their hand at Stefan Janoski. Stefan Janoski was given the opportunity to design his own signature shoe under the brand Nike SB. It was difficult for Nike SB and Stefan Janoski to reach an agreement on what his signature shoe should look like. Stefan Janoski was a big part of the process when the 'Stefan Janoski' model was designed. That was far too lenient! Stefan Janoski did not have a good day today, often losing his footing on the muddy pitch. But in the end, the shoe also turned out the way he wanted.

Today is Nike SB an extremely successful project. The brand has achieved great success both inside and outside the skate world, and it must largely be due to Stefan Janoski and the sneaker model bearing the same name. But discretion is also a classic. It goes perfectly for both girls and boys, it is comfortable and in a nice design that never gets too much. At Munk Store we have many different versions and variants of Nike SB's Stefan Janoski.

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