History of Reebok Pump

in 1989 saw the first Reebok Pump the light of day. One Basketball shoes , which was far above the competition in terms of price and technology, which meant that at that time there was great prestige in Reebok Pumps, especially on the American High School and street basketball courts. The Reebok Pump came in the next few years in many different models, and with a focus on several other sports, such as tennis. At the top you can see the first, and some of the sequels in the Reebok Pump series.
The Reebok pump had a legendary moment when basketball player Dee Brown in 1991 won the annual NBA slam dunk competition after pumping his Reebok Pumps before one of his shots. This stunt led to a huge boost in sales of Reebok Pumps. Watch a video here about the legendary moment:

Since then, the most successful Reebok Pump has been the model, the Reebok Insta Pump Fury, released in 1994, and this year, 20 years later, the model celebrates its 20th anniversary by appearing in a sea of collabs throughout the year, as well as in its original colorway that you can find here .

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