A sneaker classic out of the ordinary

Puma Suede is probably one of Puma's best inventions. If you buy a pair of Puma Suede, you get a pair of casual, but at the same time delicious sneakers. Puma is now known for many things. For their clothes, for their history or for their sneakers. We would like to focus on the latter.

Pumas sneakers are not as well known as Nikes 'or Adidas'. In fact, they are sometimes forgotten when talking about sneakers. And that's a shame. For Pumas sneakers can be something very special.

Puma's most famous sneaker model is the Puma Suede, which has long been said to be a classic. It is simple and stylish, but at the same time expressive. When Puma made just this particular sneaker model, they have no doubt had comfort in mind. The shoe unites both appearance and comfort, and it must be said to be an invention that wants something.

The reason why Pumas sneakers are sometimes forgotten must be that they are much more low key than most other sneakers. Many sneakers screaming and making noise. They have a very solid expression, but here Puma Suede in particular stands out. The shoe is nothing but simple. And we like that Munk Store .

We have several different variants of sneakers from Puma. This, of course, applies to the classic Puma Suede , but we also have several models to choose from. Find your next pair of sneakers at Puma. The shoes are understated, but not so understated that you will not be noticed.

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