A farewell to ProKeds

They were bought right after I became a student in the year 2010 and just before I went to the Roskilde festival (you can not exactly call it logical as you know how shoes are treated at roskilde).
Well, but they came to Roskilde and attended most concerts. They were exposed to dust, people trampling on them and of course they attended a couple of mosh pit's. At one point one late night, my buddy was feeling bad. Because of the darkness, he did not see where he was vomiting, but when the smell followed me, I guessed that he had probably hit mine shoe because I kept his hair during the session ..
They came home from roskilde, dirty and well used just like me, but smoked off again to Italy. In Italy, they helped walk every day as I walked around to most sights.

Then they went a year where I was employed at a bread factory at night, and from time to time I wore them while working, even though it was not allowed - but the required clogs were not rock n roll so the pro ked's smoked on my feet in now and then.
This summer, they smoked a trip to Norway on two occasions. The first time they went hiking, because I had no footwear other than that pair. They were amazing and non-slip, but unfortunately not completely waterproof. They have been out river rafting because I do not own a pair of wet shoes, so they have been on a trip in the Norwegian river a few times ..

The second time I was in Norway, I recorded music in them for a movie my friend made, about river rafting in Norway. The entire recording took place in a sauna with just enough space for bass, guitar and drums.
Anyway home came and the next task was to have to walk approx. 6-8 km. every day when I started at the teachers' seminar in Silkeborg. It's about. 2.5 km to and from the station and to the seminary, and then of course there is also some walking in addition.
The first week of the new year I went with the seminary from Silkeborg to Norway and once again it was prokeds who added shoes. They were thus involved in walking around the streets of Oslo with slush all over, so they were completely soaked, and they were out in thick snow when we also sledged on the trip.
After the trip in Norway, the shoes started to crack in several places, and it has meant that when I am out on internship here after the New Year, there are children who comment on my socks because they can look in on them.
When I have from time to time complained that my feet froze, I have always defended the shoes and said that it is not the ones that are the problem, but the socks I have inside. I have been asked several times if I should not have a few new ones, but have always postponed it as they have an affection value for me and I can remember exactly how and when all the scratches etc occurred. I have not really considered getting a pair of winter boots, because I acquire a pair of thick wool socks instead, so I can handle the winter well.

The only reason I have now bought a few new ones is because I have received money back from SKAT and that the laces broke. Now a couple of new ProKeds have arrived for me, and they get the same turn, and hopefully hold as many beatings as the old ones.

But as Forest Gump says "There's an awful lot you can tell about a person from his shoes - Where they go and where they've been". I think and at least my shoes radiate "It's only Rock 'n' Roll - but I like it"

// Mathias Holmgaard

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