Dr. Denim Trousers

Dr. Denim trousers have become every girl's "must have" in the wardrobe. They fit well, they are insanely comfortable to wear and they have a reasonable price. Trousers from Dr. Denim is a mix of jeans and leggings, where the material is of a lighter quality with more stretch than a pair of regular jeans. This super stretch quality started with just one model; Kissy (the low-waisted) Today, the best-selling models are Pleny, Lexy, Solitaire and Lexy. All distributed at different heights at the waist and qualities. If you are looking for cheap Dr. Denim pants on offer or sale, you will often be disappointed. Seasonal colors you may be lucky to find on offer but black and white pants are virtually never on offer or rash either in stores or online at webshops. They are sold all year round and are therefore never reduced in price.


Do you also have doubts about which Dr. Denim pants model to choose? There is nothing to say about that. As I said, there are 5 models that are all available in black and inevitably look the same in the store or online at a webshop. Below we guide you through fit by fit, so it will be easier for you to find the right model.

As described Dr. Denim pants a mix of jeans and leggings. It is therefore not to be compared to a pair of "real" denim jeans. Dr. Denim is significantly cheaper and thinner than "original" denim jeans. The durability must and can therefore not be compared. To prolong life, we recommend that you only wash your pants if they are dirty. Ventilate them as often as you can rather than machine wash them. Repeated washing wears the trousers, makes them lighter and can affect the fit.

Remember to turn the pants upside down when washing and AVOID drying your Dr. Denim jeans as they are sensitive to high heat.

Never pull on the belt straps when putting on your trousers, as the strap is not designed for this load. This will never be considered a complaint. Furthermore, be aware that the weave is lighter than a regular twill weave. This provides far far more comfort, but also wears easier and faster in exposed places, e.g. at inner thighs. Your warranty does not cover wear and tear, which can be clearly seen / felt if the fabric is thinner in the exposed area than elsewhere on the pants.

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