It bought the guys the most in 2015

Nike Huarache Shoes are also on the list. The Huarache model, which has been really successful the last few years, really has some good genes as well. In fact, the Huarache is an old model that has recently had a renaissance. Many of us are happy about that. And obviously you were too.

Cheap Monday Tight New Black Jeans:
The classic, black Cheap Monday jeans were one of the styles that you bought the most from in 2015. This particular model is also ingenious because it can be used in all situations. They are good for both everyday life and parties, and then they can hardly be worn out. Here at Munk Store, we understand well why you were crazy about these Cheap Monday jeans.

One of the things you were also excited about was the new boy in the class - namely H2O's Anders t-shirt. H2O is a really old brand, but within the last year they have come strong again with a number of new products that have both sporty and retro vibes.

You also loved the cool black sneakers from Nike SB - also known as Nike Skateboarding. The model is the usable and incredibly comfortable Stefan Janoski model, which is named after a well-known skateboarder. Nike SB's Stefan Janoski looks good in all possible contexts, so we understand well why they ended up on the list.

The next product you shopped for in 2015 is Wood Wood's Tomas t-shirt. The t-shirt is black and completely simple, so it works perfectly as a basic t-shirt. It has a white Wood Wood logo on one chest, which gives it a little extra expression.

Nike Belt Bag

Nike's bumbag also made the list of the things you bought the most in 2015. And we can almost figure out when you bought it. That was when the temperature was significantly higher and you were going to a festival. This particular bumbag is ingenious at a festival because it is really spacious - in other words, you can store your whole life in it.

Woodbird Steffen Twill Pants: You were also happy with Wood Bird and their delicious, gray Steffen Twill Pants. The model then also has the whole package. These are a pair of pants that can be used for partying because they are just not a pair of jeans. You can also use them for everyday with a t-shirt and it makes them easy to style. They also have a fantastic comfort - they are soft and nice in the fabric, the model fits most people, and then they last a long time. Really long.

File 19th roll collar:
Also on the list is a completely classic model. Namely the white Fila turtleneck. Turtlenecks have been seen in many different models over the last few years because there has been a huge demand. A turtleneck is also an ingenious concept, because it both keeps you warm and makes you look good on fire. This model from Fila has a little more detail than the typical turtleneck, because it has the Fila logo on the collar.

Woodbird Matti Black:

Wood Bird is not only on the list with their delicious Steffen Twill Pants. No, their Matti Black jeans have also found their way into your wardrobes. These jeans no doubt also have everything you should be looking for in a pair of black jeans. They have a really good fit and then they are durable. Need more in a pair of jeans?

Wood Bird hits the list of things you were most excited about in 2015, and with good reason. This time it's with Wood Bird Bjarke Turtleneck. This turtleneck is white and completely simple, and that makes it a faithful companion if you want a razor-sharp wardrobe.

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