The most popular t-shirt 2021: Ganni - Basic Cotton Jersey

You see them everywhere - on the street, in your instagram feed, on fashion icons and influencers, Tik Tok and many other places. But you wonder why Ganni T shirts have caught so many 'attention and have become so popular in the fashion world?





T-shirt from GANNI has taken over the fashion picture, and is our absolute most popular t-shirt 2021. But it is not to our great surprise, as Ganni - Basic Cotton Jersey are the perfect t-shirt, which has also found its way and won our hearts.

T-shirt from Ganni is filled with various prints on the front and back, which you can see just above the shirts. All the sweaters from Ganni have an oversize fit, which helps to give a raw and street look.

The sweaters from Ganni are also produced in light and airy material - which means that you can wear them without having to think about sweat, temperature and marks on the clothes.


T-shirts are priced at 600-700 dkk. This means that the sweaters from Ganni are affordable for most people, and you can fill the closet with several of the popular sweaters without having to have a bad conscience towards your bank account.

They are created for style-conscious women who appreciate clothes in delicious materials and with a good fit. The colors and the different prints on the sweaters help to radiate personality, awareness and self-confidence. In addition, you can unfold your creativity with the sweaters and style them in different ways, which is Ganni's wish with all items in their beautiful collections.


If you are in doubt about how to style the most popular t-shirts with items in your wardrobe, read on here.

Style them with a pair of shoes or boots and a lot of cool chunky accessories - then you're well on your way. Pants or shorts? - both are good for the styling of the sweaters. To spice up the sweater and make the look more feminine, you can add a skirt and a pair of loafers. This is a look many fashion icons love!

Therefore, whether you are lying on the couch at home eating cookies, or you are standing in the middle of the dance floor, Ganni Basic Cotton Jersey is ideal. The sweaters can be styled both up and down and mixed in different ways - which ensures you a sweater that will not only be used once and will be hanging at the back of the closet.

Our clothes, shoes and accessories from Ganni are quickly sold out, and you should hurry to strike if it is one of the popular t-shirts from Ganni that you have fallen in love with.

If you still lack inspiration for styling Ganni's products, you can follow our instagram: Here we update regularly with various styling options and inspiration for your everyday life and wardrobe.


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