Borneland 20. mixtape

This month we have chosen Borneland's 20th mixtape, which is a mixtape that moves around in the electronic world. The duo, Borneland, consists of the brothers Jonas and Micki, who live in Copenhagen. Besides being sharp when it comes to music, the boys also show talent when it comes to taking cool pictures. Check out the bartender's impressive cover photos. This is what Borneland itself has said about their mixtape:

Quitea few elements affect the movement on the dancefloor. One of the essentials is a solid base defining the moves and making sure that even the most tone-deaf person able to keep stroke. Movement is one thing, but how do you make peopleremember the songs they've been dancing to. How do you make sure, that the dancingcrowd hum this certain track on their their way home. Basically, how do youmake sure, that this track is stuck in every single persons mind the day after?
Thevocal is what you remember - the simplicity and personal touch can lead you to a feeling of ecstasy, joyfulness and happiness. The perfect vocal have the ability to make you feel like the happiest person in the world, make you fly highup in the air and sometimes, make the world more meaningful. Maybe you know allthese things, but just did not realize that you knew it. Well, now you know.And now you may question, why we feel the need to tell you this now? That is ofcourse because we are bringing together the last parts of our EP and this ispacked with great vocals by our friends and biggest idols. Every single one of the people featuring our album have somehow touched us in the way we justdescribed, making our world more meaningful, and hopefully the same applies toyou soon. Coming back to this months mixtape, which contains groovy bass, allthe essentials for a nice atmosphere and last but not least, this months choiceof our favorite vocals. Combined to attract your attention, wake up your curiosityand seduce you in this first month of spring.

Visynes it is a fantastic mixtape that fits perfectly with the time, now why the year is on its way. Put it on and enjoy the sun's rays!
Check out their website and see the playlist here:

00:00 - Suvi - BleedingFor Your Love (Cesare Remix)

04:40 - Moon Boots - Don'tAsk Why ft. Kyiki)
08:58 - SOHN - Lessons (Bearson Remix)
13:49 - Darius - HotHands (Original Mix)
17:36 - Cheap Circuits - LetMe Know (Original Mix)
22:05 - Chris Malinchak - Forever
26:40 - Dcup - SomeoneTold Me (La Felix Remix)
30:34 - FURNS - HauntMe (Hot Sand Remix)
34:34 - Flight Facilities - IDidn't Believe Ft. Elizabeth Rose (Jad & The Ladyboy Remix)
40:06 - Bodhi - Imperfection (Original Mix)
44:40 - Cedric Zeyenne - FeelYou (Original Mix)
50:18 - Claus Casper - ToKnow You (Original Mix)
56:32 - Moon Boots - CYS
61:33 - Passerine - FreeAgain

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