5 shorts for men

One of the latest shorts to arrive at Munk Store is Nike's Flow shorts, which you can get in black gray and navy right now for both boys and girls. With a sports and swimsuit-like look, they manage to give both a cool and relaxed look. The price is NOK 400.
Woodbird's popular Steffen twill model is no longer only available in the trousers version - you can now also get it as shorts. Perfect for most occasions, due to the classic yet relaxed look. The price is DKK 500 or DKK 600, depending on which color and pattern you choose.
Lacoste's Maillot de Bain has the swim shorts-like look that was also mentioned by Nike's Flow shorts. You will also find similar models from brands such as Le Fix and Resteröds on this page. The price is DKK 500, available in both black and blue.

4. Denim Shorts
Denim shorts always last, and if you do not already have some to lie in the wardrobe, this is probably something you should consider. Either buy a ripped model, or do it yourself to get a trashy look. You will find many different types of denim jeans in our selection.
Wood Woods Les shorts are another example of a type of shorts you can not get around this summer with the sporty look. The model is also available in an off-white model, and also has a zipper in the pockets. The price is 700kr.

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