5 shorts and skirts for the girls

A skirt that was originally made for tennis, which can also be seen in the inner shorts on the skirt where you will find a pocket for the tennis ball. However, the shorts also hit the spot-on when it comes to giving a sporty and super cool look.

These Levi's shorts are originally a men's model and you must therefore also order larger than normal, as it is intended that you have to cut the shorts yourself, to give a real "boyfriend" look. You will also find decidedly girl models for Levi's on this page.

As I said, we will not miss a sporty expression this year, and here Nike also has one of the better offers, with their Flow shorts that you can get in navy, gray and black.

Denim skirts can be found from several different brands on this page, such as both Dr. Denim, Won hundred and Levi's. You will find the skirt among shorts for girls on this page - go in and find your own favorite.

Adidas' football shorts came in a few weeks ago and have proven to be a sure hit. Hurry up if you need to get one of the latest models.

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