5 transition jackets for the girls

We have found our 5 best offers for transitional jackets for summer festivals, warm evenings, festive occasions and the Danish summer rain. You will find on this list something for every taste, and maybe even your own new favorite. See the list below.

Pele Che Coco's popular 'biker jacket' is now available in 4 different variants. Leather jacket, light brown suede, dark brown suede and black suede. The materials used for the jackets are recycled materials, to take the greatest possible account of the environment, while keeping the price down compared to many other leather and suede jackets. In addition, the recycled materials give the jackets a raw and personal look from the start. The price of the Pele Che Coco jackets is NOK 1,700 and NOK 1,900.

You can't get around denim this season, just as you can't say denim without saying Levi's. That's why, of course, we've found the iconic Levi's 'Trucker jacket' for this summer's list. The price is 900kr.

We wish it was not necessary, but the Danish summer is unfortunately so erratic that we have to send the rain jackets on the list. Fortunately, Rains' large selection of rain jackets is so good that you would rather find one of them for the summer's many festivals. Prices are from DKK 600 to DKK 750.

The last jacket on the list is Cheap Mondays 'Mutate bombs' jacket. A black bomber jacket in black with lots of small details. A sure hit for those days and evenings when a top or t-shirt is not enough. The price is DKK 1,100.

If you are looking for a stylish look or maybe just need a jacket for a nicer occasion, Won Hundreds Dara jackets are a good offer. The jacket is available in black and 'tan'. The price is DKK 2,500.

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