5 transition jackets for the guys

We have collected 5 offers for jackets for the coming season's many festivals and warm summer evenings. See the 5 jackets below or find your way to our entire selection of jackets at the bottom of the page.

With the current trends in technical sneakers and clothing, it is impossible to get around Newline HALO. Inspired and made for the needs of the Danish fighter soldiers, this new Danish brand is one of the best in the field. You will find several different jackets in our selection from HALO.

The denim wave is rolling, and Carhartt has also given their bid on what could be this season's hit in denim jackets. With a name that suggests that the inspiration comes from the old wild west, Carhartts stone washed 'Western jacket' is not to be missed on this list. The price is DKK 1,250. See also Levi's Trucker jacket.

3. NN. 07 Tyler jacket

NN. 07's new 'Tyler' jackets have been a great success, not only because of the stylish look. The quality of this jacket does not get much better, as this jacket has used some of the latest technology to make it 100% water-repellent, while it can still breathe and is light as a feather. See more about this inside the item. The price is DKK 2,200. Available in both khaki and dark gray.

We currently have lots of delicious transition jackets from Carhartt, and this 'Adams jacket' with clear inspiration from the classic pilot jackets is no exception. The price is DKK 1,600.

This Coach jacket from Carhartt is available in both black and navy, with a print inspired by the American flag on the chest. A sure winner for the warm evenings at the Danish festivals. The price is 800kr. See also Wood Woods Kael jacket.

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