3 ingenious New Year dresses

New Year's Eve is approaching, but you can still find your New Year's dress.

It can be hard to find the perfect dress for the New Year, and you are guaranteed to be sitting at home curling your toes over the fact that you have not found yours yet. But do not despair. For help is near. We have a wide selection of dresses , which you can use again and again.

You want to look good on New Year's Eve. The makeup must be right. The hair must be right. And it must shoes of course too.

But most importantly, the dress must be right. There are very different from person to person how they think the perfect New Year dress looks.

Some like one with bare back, some like it patterned while others like their New Year dress long. The perfect New Year's dress can be either red, black, gold or with glitter. In other words, it is only the imagination that sets the limits.

We want to help you find your New Year's dress in 2015 and make sure you get the best New Year's Eve ever. That's why we've gathered some New Year's dress inspiration so you can once again sleep safely at night.

Ann-Sofie Back - Twist Polo Dress Velor
The first bid for a beautiful New Year's dress is this delicious velor saw from Ann-Sofie Back . It has long sleeves and then it goes up a bit in the neck like a turtle neck. This not only makes it brilliant for New Year's Eve, but you will also be able to use it for a long time after.

Ann-Sofie Back, who in addition to having her own brand is chief designer for Cheap Monday , is known for its raw and Scandinavian expression. There is therefore no doubt that she will help you on your way to looking razor sharp on New Year's Eve.

Stine Goya - Brush Dress
The second bid for a beautiful New Year's dress is from Stine Goya - Denmark's very own design queen. She is known for her playful universe, and this dress is also an example of that.

Stine Goya's "Brush Dress" has a close-fitting silhouette and has a beautiful draping over the chest. It is made in a mix of blue and black, and it is therefore a lot more playful than the classic black dress.

Woodbird - Betty Turtle
The last bid for the perfect New Year's dress is from Woodbird, and it's for you who would like to find a New Year's dress on a budget. It is in fact an offer for a cheap New Year's dress.

It is black and with long sleeves. And then it's a turtle neck - something you never go wrong with in the city. Not New Year's Eve either.

Find your New Year's dress among our other dresses here .

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